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The "Girls Oriented Programming" Academy is a three month intensive development course designed to support girls that want to build a career in programming.

We created a complex program in which girls that finish the course get a career kickstart through : three months of schooling and practice and two months of shadowing in RINF's technical teams.


Fast learning through an integrated studying program




Acces to the newest frameworks and methodologies




A RINF scholarshop meant to support girls at the beginning of their careers




Portofolio built during the program




The opportunity to access RINF's Shadowing Program


We want to change the misconceptions about the number and the motivation of our generation's girls who want to work in IT. We want to encourage their boldness and their unique way of seeing and creating the world that we know.


We want to contribute to the alignment of the Romanian IT market with the international one ( by creating learning opportunities) and we also want to encourage girls to build their careers and gain access to various job opportunities.


We want to put emphasis, on the qualities of the girls of our generation : they are visionary, involved and constantly looking for ways to get inspired and have unique experiences in the working field.



We want to create a learning and working community that offers girls an opportunity to explore and develop their IT skills.


Diversity through:

- Integration in a men preponderant field


- Structured courses


- Integrated learning program

- Exposing the skills of the girls of our generation


- Removing misconceptions and barriers

- Unique approach through the structure of the program


- Being in touch with everything that is new in IT


Courage through:

Innovation through:

RINF is a software development company that started in Romania in 2006 and delivers projects for EU markets like UK, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Benelux and Poland.

Find out more on  rinftech.com

Our areas of expertise and our delivered solutions portofolio are focused on interconnecting the devices in the current infrastructure and consist of:


            •  Cross Platform Integration

            •  Hardware and Software Integration

            •  Web Services

            •  Quality Assurance, Validation, Automaization, Usage and Performance Testing

            •  Design and Consultancy for Security Solutions


RINF also delivers multilingual Business Process Outsourcing support services with emphasis on creating and customizing solutions for Customer Care, Helpdesk, Telesales, Advanced User Support, Virtual Assistant, Online Communications Taskforce, Digital Concierge, Dispatch Services.

RINF's technical experts have strong knowledge in business analysis, architecture, planning and app development on multiple platforms and also have experience in working with Java, C++, PHP programming, QA Amazon web services and so on.


Our "On Site IT Services" offer technological relevance ( integration of new technologies to add value and spare resources) by meeting client's expectation of performance with teams of Java-J2EE, .Net, Oracle, and MySQ1 specialists.

Andra Morariu - Project Manager

I am the coordinator of the Marketing team at RINF. I am responsible for marketing strategies, coordination of campaigns and I also work closely with the recruitment managers in order to develop employer branding strategies. RINF offers me a flexible work environment where I can try out my ideas and where I am challenged constantly.


The GOP Academy project is very important to me because it started from a real need : that of supporting the girls that are just beginning their careers in a very competitive field that is dominated by men. The GOP team formed naturally because my colleagues and I really believe in this initiative and we are working together to offer the participant girls the best learning opportunities.


I work at RINF as a Marketing Specialist and Graphic Designer. I am passionate about marketing and RINF is a good place for me to learn constantly.


The Girls Oriented Programming project is very dear to me because I saw it grow from the state of idea to implementation. I think it is an amazing opportunity for girls that are passionate about programming because it encourages them to take action and get out of their comfort zone.

Laura Câtea - Digital Marketer

I work as a Sourcing Consultant at RINF. I am actively involved in recruitment for national and international projects. I facilitate the connection between IT specialists and the most interesting professional opportunities. My activity also consists of employer branding activities through fairs and events.


iI was excited by the idea of GOP Academy from the very beginning, on the one hand because of the blended learning structure and on the other hand, because it encourages young girls to follow an IT career.

Sorina Priceputu - Recruiting and Selection

Project structure

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is the process of mixing different styles of learning through physical and virtual resources. It can be achieved by creating a variety of learning tasks and activities using technology, instructors and peer learning.

The four types of learning are:

- Theoretical - through courses and theoretical classes



- Practical - the development of an app by the end of the project



Reflexive - through exercises and challenges during the courses



Social - by sharing with a group


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Girls who code community


Their objective is to offer support  girls that want to learn programming or want to gain more knowledge in the field. Their main purpose of this community is to encourage young Romanian girls to choose a career in Computer Science.

Electronic Science Students League (LSE) is a student organization from the faculty of Electronic Science, Telecommunications and Technology of Bucharest, which represents and protects students interests on socially-administrative and academic matters.


LSAC is a non-gouvernamental and apolitical organization, whose main purpose is to represent the rights and the interests of students through its representatives in Politehnica University of Bucharest.



The total value of the GOP Academy experience is 5000 € and it includes, Java and PHP courses, soft skills trainings, instruments and work methods, an "on the job" learning context.

The value of the GOP Program: 

Basically, you don't have to pay anything. All you have to do is to be passionate about programming and to be eager to spend time and energy in the Girls Oriented Programming Academy.

Your contribution : 

Apply and we will call you in to talk about how you can benefit from RINF's scholarnship which covers your participation expenses completely.


Sorina Priceputu -  Soft Skills Trainer

Sorina organized and coordinated national training programs for students. In 2012-2013 she was the project manager of Train for Trainers program. She is often involved in non-formal events that support the professional development of students. She is experienced in delivering trainings and workshops on subjects like teamwork, leadership, project management and HR processes.

Alex has over three years of experience in delivering technical trainings on different technologies like Java, PHP, Java Script, data base and so on . He is a programmer with over 15 years of experience in the field. He graduated from the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Computer Economics and he is very passionate about technology.

Alexandru Godri -  Java Trainer

Daniel is the founder of one of the best computer security teams in the world, Penthackon, member of the Romanian Center of Computer Security Research and co-founder of Defcamp (the most prestigious IT security conference in Eastern Europe). He delivered many technical trainings on different technologies and computer security for students and professionals as well.

Daniel Bugărin -  PHP trainer

More and more girls are graduating from technical universities and are choosing a career path that until recently was dominated by men. This fresh and quite unique generation has different life principles and a certain drive that is unlikely to be found in the past generations.


We decided to set up this Academy because we understand the values of the girls of our generation and we share their courage, their wish to be successful, and their wish to learn and grow constantly.


We work at RINF, an entrepreneurial company that is growing through us, supports our creative initiatives and understands why this Project is so relevant for the next generation of IT woman. We have around 300 young, dynamic colleagues with business, architecture, planning and app development skills that share the same areas of interest as us.




           Why do we want to invest in a program dedicated to girls? 


Because we cherish team work and from our experience we noticed that mixed gender teams are more productive, more efficient, more stable and better connected.

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